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Simply join our database by filling out the form below. We will send you an email to confirm the successful registration. Afterwards you will be contacted from us anytime an operator requests information that matches your criteria to ensure the perfect fit.

The Benefits of Affinder

One Registration
A Lifetime of Research saved

You register only once and from then on you lean back and wait for us to contact you. We act as gate between you and the operators. And we let only those to you that match your profile and are worth your time.

No Extra Cost or Fees

We do not charge affiliates to register at Affinder, nor do we take a fee for or research work. When we reach out to you, we simply ask you to register through our master affiliate link at the program.

Your Account - Your Communication -
Your Deals

Affinder is not an affiliate network. You know your product the best and we do not dare to negotiate deals that would not fit your business model anyway.



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